Straight talk breaks no bones

Agony and ecstasy, the only thing that makes our hearts warm is some Hennessy. So says the troubled and worn out soul. This article is an attempt to reach out to that soul and remind it that even though you’ve been trying to fix your life but it’s just not working out, it’s never going to work out!

If you keep repeating the same process over and over then you’ll produce the same results forever and ever. You need to change .You need to sit down and have an honest discussion with yourself, do some introspection and find out what you’re doing wrong that’s keeping you from reaching your full potential . Nobody else holds more power over your life more than you do, unless you let them.

The reason i say this is because we often lose hope and give up on all our dreams because we accepted the harsh reality that we must live within our means. That’s not your reality, it’s the reality that prophets of doom and gloom want you to believe so you never accomplish your dreams in life.

The same way an ocean cannot sink a ship unless water gets into the ship is the same way the negativity of the world cannot bring you down unless you let it get into your head. So I say to you, SEE YOUR LIFE! Take back control of your life.

I write this with deep sentiment towards the ear that wants to listen (moreover the eye that wants to read). I want you to know that your life is in your control and if you make the mistake of feeling sorry for yourself and not aspiring to change, then life will keep on making an example out of you.

Set a plan to fix your life and if it doesn’t work out, make another plan that’ll get you closer to your end goal. You’ve got this. #CHANGE

Article by Castro Letsoalo

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