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What is your worth?

We live in a society where money has become our God to such an extent that people do evil things in exchange of it. The world has become so terrifying these days, siblings kill each other; others kill their spouses while on the other hand there are people specializing in doing the dirty work of “killing” as their everyday duty in exchange for the Mandela paper.

However, this article is mainly directed to our young females who would risk their lives to get money in return, those ones who take pride and not be ashamed to announce in public that they cannot date “broke niggers” because they can’t afford or maintain their standards.

These types of women don’t even mind dating married men for as long as their standard of living is maintained. I am referring to those ones who can even go to unknown places and exchange their souls to get money in return.

Dating is made to build a relationship and to develop true love not to gain temporary wealth, the behaviour of females of this generation makes love to lose its value. Poverty is used as a ground of justification to go after wealthy men, don’t you think if all the efforts used to attract men’s attention were used in your studies poverty would be forever eliminated? You have all the resources to make it happen, it only requires your attention, hard work and persistence.

Focus on building your own worth and on buying those cars which make you lose yourself for. Let those rich men be your role models, not the ones who would end up jeopardizing your future.

The bible says anything we love more than God is our God, are you saying a paper which existed before you were born and will exist after your death called money is your worth?

The saying goes, “beauty fades like a rose”, so to my sister out there, know your worth and stop taking advantage of your physical appearance and bear in mind that charm is deceptive and beauty Is fleeting but a woman who fears the Lord shall be praised.

Article by Amukelani Khosa

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