The 3rd Annual Victorious Marathon and Fun Walk 2019

Whenever a Lions Club gets together, problems get smaller and the communities get better. That’s because we help where help is needed – in our own communities – with unmatched integrity and energy.

It is that time of the year; Victorious Marathon is back with the 3rd Installment of the event, one of their achievements was to see the winner of the 2017 & 2018 editions competing at the 2018 & 2019 Comrades Marathon, Mr E Nkuna from Joppie Village.

The 3rd Annual Victorious Marathon and Fun Walk 2019 1

The event is coordinated by the Bra Gibbz Foundation & Victorious Attitudes, non-profit organizations dedicated to promoting and facilitating character and skills development of youth through the support of sports and other extra – curricular activities. It utilizes 100% of the proceeds from the event to fund education, donating food parcels and clothes among others to the disadvantaged local communities. Victorious Marathon will in future create substantial economic benefits to the surrounding communities of N’wamitwa (Tzaneen).

With a generous course time limit, the race is open to both serious runners and more casual participants who may be more interested in taking part. The race is supported by Her Majesty Hosi N’wamitwa II, local volunteers, Valoyi Traditional Authority, Headman Magomani, and Mavabaza.

Victorious Marathon’s vision is to establish a sustainable community focused running event, encouraging athletes of all levels to lead healthy lifestyles and further their personal fitness through running. The 3rd Annual Victorious Marathon will be held at Joppie Village in December 2019 (date still to be confirmed). Exciting race day events will be 42km (Running – 21 to 65 years), 21km (Running – 18 to 70 years), 10km (Running – 14 to 80 years) and 6km (Fun Walk – 10 to 85 years).

You’re invited to be part of the 3rd Annual Victorious Marathon 2019 as one of our participants. You participation will help to create a strong fundraising presence to help deliver on the complex needs of the disadvantaged children and adults within our N’wamitwa communities.

Potential Sponsors are also invited to partner with Victorious Marathon on this 3rd Annual event. For more information, please contact Godlive Masinge (071 845 6753) or Twisiso Mavabaza (073 735 3206).

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