Stop dumping innocent souls

In South Africa, we read more about illegal abortions everyday, but now the increasing cases of outraged acts of dumping new-born babies has gone out of hand.

It seems our country still has those ferocious ladies who cannot use protection or abstain from sex; but wait until they conceive and dump the innocent souls in dumping sites and pit toilets.

Some of us understand the high employment rate in our country and that some might lack financial resources or maybe the person who impregnated you seem to be irresponsible; but dumping a baby is not a solution, but an ungodly act that lead to prison bars.

Ladies, remember that at least five percent of woman in South Africa are barren and are yearning for that one soul you are dumping for death. Everyday of our lives, there is a woman whom their marriage is falling apart or maybe suffer depression because they cannot have children.

So, do the right thing; if you think you cannot afford having a child, seek help and get that child a home where they will bring happiness and be taken good care of. In our communities we have social workers who deal with such matters and they can help you to take that child to an orphanage home even without anyone knowing if you feel ashamed.

Article by Winny Shokane

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