Message to all Grade 12 learners

Life teaches us many lessons, but those lessons often go unnoticed. One big thing that I was taught was; “you get out of life what you put in”. When you put rubbish, you will also get rubbish. When a child studies very hard, obviously he or she will get good results.

There is nothing which strains like seeing a person who passed well his Matric running around the streets of his community the whole year due to lack of space at Tertiary institutions. This can be avoided by applying on time and applying at various institutions just to secure your space and increase the chances of being admitted; and to avoid the long queues the following year.

Apply in many Universities and TVET Colleges as much as possible. Do not apply for Degrees only; apply for Diplomas as well as Higher Certificates just to ensure that you fit in everywhere when time commences; and please, do not forget to apply for the National Students Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) and other financial aid schemes in time.

The biggest secret to tackle Grade 12 is to study very hard, by so doing; I swear you will never go wrong. Another effective aid which will contribute on making you excel on your studies is to use previous question papers as well as your study parcel in your exam preparations.

You have to be seriously committed and ensure that every minute count. By so doing, you are not only doing yourself neither your family nor your teachers a favour, you are doing it for the society as a whole. However; there’s no use for me to write a long paragraph telling people the importance of studying because you are the only person who is in charge of your future and for as long as success is concerned, the biggest inner drive which makes a person work hard is from within. Be intrinsically motivated and slay academically; and don’t forget to ask God’s intervention in your studies.

Study, study and study until it hurts. If it doesn’t hurt, know that you haven’t begun. Good luck.

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