The smooth running process of elections 2019 at N’wamitwa

On Wednesday 08th May 2019, South Africa braved the colds, wet weather and the inevitable queues to cast votes the country’s sixth democratic elections; and people at N’wamitwa had their own say on this year’s elections.

A large number of people woke up to their nearest voting stations around N’wamitwa Traditional Authority communities to make their cross on our sixth democratic elections in South Africa. Voting stations opened at 7am as expected in most places, Calm and organized people were seen queueing for a change in most schools, community centres and halls. Happiness and better service delivery was written on their faces.

Rev Lanie Rikhotso of Baptist Apostolic church who is also a teacher and a motivational speaker at N’wamitwa was one of the happiest residents who casted his Vote at the Tribal Community Hall. He said that he was impressed to see how elections was progressing and the party agents at the Tribal Community Hall were so helpful and welcomed him with a very loud noise when he entered. The Zion giant went on to say that he was so happy to see how young people came out in numbers to Vote; as it signifies that they have adequate information and understand the meaning of voting.

In South Africa, we still have those individuals who did not Vote and need to be reminded that nobody Votes with just the present in mind; but Vote because there are things they liked or did not like in the past and believe that their vote will either keep what they liked or change what they did not like in the future.

Many people in our area still cry over poor service delivery which include lack of water, tar roads and shopping centers, but for us to get this delivered to us we need to Vote and change what we did not like about the previous ruling party.

Senior Reporter: Winny shokane

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