Stand together and uplift communities

A community service project is an excellent way to bring change on a small intimate level, whether it’s about constructing a play ground and building a home or moral for the old aged.

As in most communities, there are talented unemployed youth; and with their talent they can make a difference using their own hands. Setting up an art exhibition at local businesses, sell their creations to local communities and tourists so that they can use the money to fund a cause in their communities as a giving back initiative. It can also help the unemployed youth to be recognized in various places for their talents in art.

As South African youth, let’s share the skills and do voluntary work in order to gain more knowledge and experience in what we want to do to be successful. Creating a community garden in your area like Hleketani Community Garden at Joppie Village can also be helpful for those who have passion in Agriculture so that they can also utilize their skills while preparing themselves to be employable in that field.

Community uplifting is not a waste of time but a way of helping both our elders and us as youth to gain more knowledge in making a difference.

What I have noticed is that everyone needs the right personality and attitude to start such programmes in their communities. You need to have the passion to care for others and the willingness to help people in need, no matter what obstacles come your way.

Once you commit to helping your community, you commit to helping people that rely on you, so you can’t just give up when you feel you can’t do it anymore. A strong mind and dedication can build healthy communities for all.

Article by Winny Shokane

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