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Dangers of our educational system in South Africa

As we grow, we are expected to attend school, get good grades and find well paying jobs so that we’ll be guaranteed better life. That’s how our minds have been trained and programmed from an early age; and it is happening that way?

Most people think the better way to succeed in life is through education; therefore, it is every parent’s wish to see their children succeed. Every parent takes pride in seeing their children going to school every day, but where is the whole process leading us?

We are taught that education is the key to success, why are there still many graduates who are unsuccessful today and having a very low standard of living but educated; or does the so called key choose which kinds of success doors to open? The strategies of success which are currently used in our country is to go to school, get your degree, put it aside and starts hustling for a living like a dropout. Today’s education has lost its value!

The problem with our educational system is that it teaches us to be job seekers rather than to be employers. The BEE Policy document also created the so called tenderpreneurs instead of entrepreneurs who can create employment opportunities. The whole corruption we are crying foul about today was created by tenders.

We are taught to be reliant on the state for jobs. We are forced to all follow the same procedures while our capacity is unequal which exclude and disadvantage those who are not academically gifted but we blame them and call them dummies forgetting the facts of that we are not the same.

Does our government even know that there are many talents out there which could make people sustain their lives rather than being forever buried in their books while the outcome isn’t conducive? Billions are spent on education of which is good but why are those with other talents not recognized and enhanced to sustain their talents?

Decolonisation of education is necessary in our country; young pupils must be taught of investments and entrepreneurship skills from the foundation phase for them to be game changers as they are growing. This will increase our countries revenue, helps our country to forever dwell in expansion phase, decrease the rate of unemployment and make people to be less reliant on the state for jobs. It’s tiring to see our brothers and sisters with degrees waiting for others to be fired for them to be hired. Education transformation should be implemented. Enough is enough!

Article by: Amukelani Khosa

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