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Joppie Village born Model making it big in the City of Gold

From the dusty streets of Joppie Village to the City of Gold; Jnr Lloyd, known to his parents as Lloyd Machimana, one of Tzaneen’s renowned individuals. He does not take the term “to whom much is given, much is expected” lightly. He is inspired by the late Madiba’s quote: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it”.

Jnr Lloyd the Model is a Lifestyle, Fashion Model, and publicist best known for his influence to Local Rappers back in the early 2000s when he was known as Lil’Bouzie. During his days as a Rapper, he worked with most of Tzaneen’s music industry key players, the likes of MC Bants, 027 Unity, BRG, MC Rhusta, Dj Gigigi, Dj Gibbz, Dj Andrew, Dj Schillachi, Dj Ishmo, Digga, Tour Masters, Sweet Rain, D Boy, Crazy J, Cardo, Hopzin, Blaze, Yung Eazy, Kideo, Beef, Borna V, Deon, Sneazers, Busi, Masta K, MC North, Kulio and Khanyi among others. The progress he made was unbelievable, recording 341 songs featuring 7 mixtapes, 188 singles and 58 features from 2005 – 2012.

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He is currently signed with Sync Model Management and was featured on South Africa’s big events like SA Fashion Week, Africa Fashion International Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and he has worked with industry leaders like David Tlale, Ephymol, Tailor Me, Scalo and many more South Africa’s Top Fashion designers.

Jnr Lloyd’s commercial work include Planet of Attraction Deodorant (Play Boy) advert and Polo Maserati Magazine. He also made a number of appearances in Top Billing, Selimathunzi as well as Local Newspapers. He is the new season face of Bogart Man Clothing, the face of The Lokal store and Scale Designer in Johannesburg. Jnr Lloyd is open to local designers to work with and also help in marketing their brands.

According to the young but seasoned Model, he’s passion for fashion and modelling was inspired by the day to day people around him. He wanted to set standards and raise the bar too high in order to influence others especially those coming from poor background in the rural areas like N’wamitwa. Jnr Lloyd describes himself as a hard worker, an influential leader and a team player.

Although his love for Fashion and Modelling is escalating and favourable to him, his full time focus is on his Career path that he chose after high school. He is a Graduate Development Planner; he also manages his own professional company known as Blueberry Development Projects which comprises of Planners, Architects, Environmentalist, Geologist and Qs.

He has vision of growing his firm in the next few years and be able to employ young professionals and offer bursaries to a number of pupils from rural communities who are currently struggling to get finance for their studies.

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In the rare chance that he isn’t working, Jnr Lloyd likes to write short quotes about life around him and in general, read upon his career path, work out – but of course, and having fun with friends. According to him, he draws his inspiration from Tyson Beckford quote: “Threats do not work with a person who’s got nothing to lose”, it’s the quote he live by.

You can find him on Facebook as Lloyd Martin Machimana, follow him on Instagram at jnrlloyd or Twitter @Jnrlloyd0

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