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Cycling for charity with Ntwanano Ngobeni

Ntwanano Ngobeni, better known as Kop Dintwa from his friends and family. He was born and bred from the dusty streets of Joppie Village under N’wamitwa Traditional Authority. He started his education at Mavabaza Primary (Joppie Village) and matriculated at Gwambeni High (Xihoko Village).

Ntwanano was raised by well respected Teachers, Philpot and Gladys Ngobeni. His Cycling journey started early 2017; he started his daily routine exercises by completing only 2KM a day, 3 times per week; and it was a great achievement for him back then.

He then got better and became fit. There was much progress until he decided last year October (2018) to enter the 94.7 cycling competition. Along the route, Ntwanano had an accident and it took his time off the road; his weekly cycling routine was affected.

Mr Ngobeni’s journey to recovery was very quick; he became fit and stronger day by day. December 2018 marked his return to the roads; he decided to take his cycling bicycle home with him for holidays since he is temporarily based in Pretoria due to work and other projects.

Cycling for charity with Ntwanano Ngobeni 2

During the December holidays, Bra Gibbz Foundation and Victorious Attitudes hosted the 2nd Annual Victorious Marathon and Fun Walk event.

“I also participated in the 2nd Annual Victorious Marathon and Fun Walk event to help raise funds for families who are in need around N’wamitwa Traditional Authority Communities. When the event started, i requested to use my bicycle and completed 46KM cycling but still felt it wasn’t enough.

On that day, my heart was torn apart to see other village kids still suffering, not having shoes, clothes and food for Christmas. I then took it upon myself to buy shoes for one young girl who was also participating on the 10KM.

Cycling for charity with Ntwanano Ngobeni 3

After the Marathon Event, something came knocking in my mind that I can also do more to assist in raising more funds for these kids. I then went ahead to get more information regarding her family at large. I personally decided to use my energy of which is on cycling to raise funds for these families. I started training and pledged myself that I am going to cycle 427KMs to raise funds. While still on this, I then decided to involve my fellow village guys to assist mostly on the admin work. Then the Lord brought friends who are willing to cycle with me, these friends are not even from Tzaneen, they are from Polokwane and some from Gauteng. Everyone was happy about the idea that I brought on the table and the event will happen.

Cycling for charity with Ntwanano Ngobeni 4

As for now, the campaign is still going on, the weekly exercise is still on though it’s a bit of challenge since I am working fulltime and studying. The campaign name is called “A hi Akaneni” (Lets Build Each Other), so I humbly request all the N’wamitwa (Individuals & Business) to support us on this journey, this is going to benefit the whole of N’wamitwa Traditional Authority Communities. It’s going to be done annually; any donation will be highly appreciated,” Ntwanano concludes.

The aim of this campaign is to help raise funds to help the disadvantaged communities, assist in tackling some of the challenges and issues affecting them daily around N’wamitwa.

Cycling for charity with Ntwanano Ngobeni 5

Ntwanano Ngobeni believes in giving back to the people who made us because a community plays a huge role in raising a child. It is only few people from these communities who always think about the wellbeing of other community members; let us not forget that the future of N’wamitwa is in our hands as Youth. Today I [Godlive Masinge] can say, I am proud to be a member of the Joppie Village community under N’wamitwa Traditional Authority. This very same community gave birth to Ntwanano Ngobeni, Victorious Attitudes, Bra Gibbz Foundation, Victorious Marathon, Hleketani Community Garden and N’wamitwa Times among others.

Cycling for charity with Ntwanano Ngobeni 6

To get more information about the project, please contact Ntwanano Ngobeni @ 071 903 2022.

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