L and P Computer Academy, your path to success!

L and P Computer Academy has been growing substantially over the past year to become a leading participant in ICT Training within the Greater Tzaneen Municipality communities. We offer a variety of courses to business owners, corporate employees and individuals looking to advance their knowledge and careers in the fast-changing computerized world.
L & P Computer Academy was established with the aim to provide quality, affordable and accessible computer training to South Africans of all ages. We have empowered countless individuals with computer skills, thereby improving their chances to secure formal employment.

We also provide extensive training in remote, developing areas by establishing temporary or mobile training centres at schools and community centres among others. Rural residents are thereby afforded the opportunity to acquire skills to assist them to secure employment or to obtain the skills to become successful entrepreneurs.

During the past decade there has been an exponential growth in the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) which has made pervasive impacts both on society and on our daily lives. It is thus not surprising to find increasing interest, attention and investment being put into the use of ICT in education and various sectors all over the world. In addition to efforts to employ ICT to improve work environment conducive to meet the goals of employers and staff, the emergence of the knowledge economy has also brought about a much greater emphasis on education.

With our programs, we aim to achieve the following:
• To train and equip our students with relevant knowledge regarding the application and use of ICT.
• Offer basic knowledge of computer literacy and internet so as to equip the students with relevant skills to better their lives.
• Students are able to learn the basics of the computer, enabling them to use the computer in ways that are relevant to their daily lives.
• Students are able to communicate with friends, family and business associates through email, research and access information on the Internet, create resumes, flyers, invitations, budgets, business documents, presentations, and more.

L and P Computer Academy skills transfer is in line with iNeSI (Inkamva National eSkill Institute, sponsored by Dept of Communications) or under the guidelines of MICT SETA.
Our Trainings are conducted by fully qualified facilitators with over 5 years’ experience in facilitation. Our facilitators, assessors and moderators are registered with MICT SETA which is the regulatory body in the industry.

To fully transfer the knowledge of ICT to our students, we avail the following equipment during all training sessions so as to offer a realistic methodology of teaching. We believe in the teaching world that by showing our students the actual programs during training sessions, it makes the candidate easily relate to the applications they will be working with on a daily basis.

We therefore provide the following resources to the students:
• Guidance and Use of e-Learning Materials.
• Computer hardware for practice sessions or we may utilize the delegates own computers (BYOD)
• Class assessments in line with the objectives of iNeSi or MICT SETA(individual and group activities)
• Internet connectivity for practice sessions (depending on modules)

For more information, you are welcome to contact Phefulane Ngomane
079 701 4281/ phefulaningomane@lpacademy.co.za/

Visit their website on the link below:

L and P Computer Academy, your path to success!

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