Get To Know More Of Steven Ngobeni

Steven Ngobeni-ka-Mberezeni, the first born son of John Chayinsimbi and Florah N’wa-James, he grew up in the dusty streets of Runnymede under N’wamitwa Traditional Authority outside Tzaneen.

Mr Ngobeni grew up in a poor family. His only weapon out of poverty was education. Like any other child from the countryside, he experimented with drugs (smoking marijuana, benzine and drinking alcohol). This was due to low self-esteem and his suffering from inferiority complex. He wanted to have a sense of belonging by indulging in all those. Things changed when he received Christ as the Lord and Saviour. Mr Ngobeni began to see life differently and his focus changed. His change of life was a challenge to him and to those who knew him then. He focused more on education, which in his view, was the only weapon out of poverty and life of misery.

Apart from being too attached to his books, Mr Ngobeni was also involved in the music industry; he was a singer. His singing came after he became a Christian. He learned how to play a keyboard and started composing his own songs at an early age. People around Runnymade and surrounding areas of N’wamitwa liked the music; they loved to hear him sing. He was encouraged and developed an interest to get his music recorded. Mr S Ngobeni recorded his 1st album in 1991. It was a Tsonga Gospel album entitled “Hosi Yesu Wa Vuya”. People loved it, and they still do. Who can forget that album, we were dancing to it after the release of the First Black President – Rolehlanhla Nelson Mandela. Mr Ngobeni has done several projects after this, but they never received enough airplay from South African radios.

“What keeps me motivated are the lessons that I have learned in life. One of the lessons is that one has to make the best of every situation, and has to grab every opportunity that you come across. Through this, I have learned that I am the only Steven Ngobeni in the whole world, and there is no other. I have to do all I can with the opportunity that God has given me. I wouldn’t like to die and be forgotten. I want to leave a legacy behind. I don’t want to be anyone’s photocopy, but I want to live the life that defines me as Steven Ngobeni,” Mr Ngobeni says.

Mr Ngobeni’s dreams are larger than life itself. His influence may not be that big now, but he has set very high standards for himself. His dream goes beyond being the president of this country! He is a Motivational Speaker, Human Rights Activist, HIV/AIDS Activist/specialist and a Deputy Principal at Motheo Foundation Primary School.

He believes that “nothing is impossible”. You can be anything you want, or have wanted to be. You can do anything you have ever dreamt of in this world. Stay focused!

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