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Rhusta’s making a big comeback to the music industry after a long break

Rhulani Machimana better known as Rhusta within the music circles; hails from the dusty streets of Joppie Village under N’wamitwa Traditional Authority. Rhusta has worked with Tzaneen’s Music Industry key players, the likes of Dj Gibbz, Sunco Vision, Dj Ishmo, Justine Time, Sweet Rain, Tour Masters and the late One Love to name a few.

Rhusta is ready to take his place in the spotlight. This fresh talent has all the right audio alliances and style which pulls together Hip Hop, RNB, Gospel, Soulful elements and Xitsonga Traditional Music into floor shaking masterpieces.

If the past is anything to go by, expect big things from this amazing Artist/ Song writer/ Producer/ Performer/ Vocalist/ Engineer. Ever since I (Godlive Masinge) worked with Rhusta on major projects under Rhusta’s Entertainments, he has never dreamt of doing anything else with his time besides making not only music; but good music. Rhusta is one of the three founders and composers for the group “Tour Masters” which comprises of Dj Gibbz, Dj Gigigi, Dj Schillachi & Dj Andrew.

At a tender age, he has managed to produce music for other artists, his crew and also under his own stage names Dj Gigigi & MC Rhusta. He has worked with the likes of Dj Gibbz, Stylish Dj, Dj Nascent, Dj Mighty-Mu, Sunco Vision, Dj Ntlimbo, Lil Bouzie, D-Boy, Khanyi, Justine Time, Sweet Rain, BRG, 027 Unity, Dj Andrew & Dj Schillachi (both with Tour Masters) & Dj Ishmo just to mention a few.

Rhusta’s unpredictable musical ability saw him signing a deal with one of the fastest growing record labels famously known as BGMP Records, one of the progressive underground record labels in Tzaneen. This Record Label has been growing substantially over the past years trying to become a leading participant in the Music Industry; it has been discovering talent around the South African Communities. The 100% black owned label has a list of talented Producers on board. It is spearheaded by Godlive Masinge (Dj Gibbz) – a young and progressive entrepreneur who in his capacity brings a wealth of experience in music business and technical expertise in studio and music productions.

Rhusta is inspired by the likes of Joe Shirimani, Brian Bomba, Benny Mayengani, Mchangani, Mthimbane, Daniel Brothers, Dj Gibbz, Black Coffee, Revolution, Oskido and Tour Masters among others.

He is currently in studio working on new material, we’ll keep you posted of any new singles dropping very soon. He promises to bring new sound and different style on the new single that he’s working on.

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