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Bolobedu communities were up in arms

Bolobedu community members, along with some of the EFF leaderships were escorted by the Bolobedu SAPS, along with the Tzaneen SAPS in order to ensure that everyone keeps to the rules of a peaceful and orderly march.

The Bolobedu EFF, along with the community members from wards 3, 4 and 8 under the Greater Letaba Municipality took to a march yesterday to have their grievances heard. The communities gathered at the Kgapane local grounds yesterday, where they discussed and agreed upon the day and how the march would be conducted in terms of the places where they would be marching to.

Parents, learners and the general community gathered at the Kgapane local ground. Carlton Mopai, the convener and chairperson of the Bolobedu EFF started off by addressing everyone and highlighting that there is a difference between a strike and a march, and what they would be doing is marching.

The first stop of the march was to the Greater Letaba Municipality (GLM) offices in Kgapane, where they were to present their memorandum to the Mayor of the GLM, Peter Matlou. The second stop was at the Kgapane Circuit Offices and lastly, they marched to Kgapane Hospital.

Manokwe Secondary School learners were chanting for their right to education. All the memorandums were signed delivered without any hassles, and the rightful signatories were given a time frame in which they should respond.

Mopai further made it clear to the signatories that failure to respond would result in another march.

Sourced from Letaba Herald

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