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Sho Madjozi debuts new short film ‘Trickshot’

Sho Madjozi’ star is always rising to the top, the Tsonga Rapper has released a new short film ‘Trickshot’ with a mesh of songs from her recent album “Limpopo Champions League”. This release is one of its kind and great follow-up to the recently released “Limpopo Champions League” album.

Sho Madjozi, better known to her parents as Xichavo Maya Wegerif; the Tsonga Queen Rapper is taking her spot in the entertainment industry. Her short film is directed by Garth Von Glehn and was shot in downtown Johannesburg.

Glehn says this is a film about “a rural girl with special powers. Her powers exist for the most part undiscovered, but hints of them shine through in her superhuman accuracy, throwing all manner of things into weird and wonderful goals.”

The short film celebrates love and basketball; and was delivered on Valentine’s day to her supporters as a gift of love. Sho Madjozi is currently in Charlotte, NC to participate in the NBA All-Star Weekend as an ambassador for NBA Africa.

The cast on the film include; Phezz, Thando Ntuli, Oratile Moh, Yung Tyran to name a few.

Check out the 5-minute long short film below:

Sourced from BGMP Media Mag

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