Meet the former High School teacher turned Motivational Speaker

Mr. Nghetlenge Case Ngobeni hails from the dusty streets of Joppie Village under N’wamitwa Traditional Authority at the Greater Tzaneen Municipality in Limpopo Province.

He is the first born child in the family of seven (7). His father was a migrant labourer at the Great Rief, and he passed on in 1984 when Ngobeni was fifteen (15) years of age. His mother had to raise the children up single handed. She also passed on in 2005. Mr. Ngobeni grew up like any other village boy. His Primary School journey started at Mavabaza Primary School in 1976; and completed his Standard five in 1982 at the same school which is known for producing great individuals.

He then proceeded to Vasasele Secondary School in 1983; he later went to Bankuna Secondary School to do his Standard 10 in 1988. In 1989; he proceeded to the then University of the North to study for his BA(ED), which he completed within the prescribed period. He started working at Vasesele High School in 1993, teaching Geography. He has enrolled with various universities, to further his studies. He holds: B.A. (ED) University of the North, B.Ed. (Hons) University of Pretoria, AMDP National School of Governance. He is now the Deputy Manager for Governance, attached to Nkowankowa Circuit in Tzaneen – Limpopo, Department of Education.

Mr. NC Ngobeni is married to Tirhani Sandra Khosa; and they have been blessed with four known offspring (at the time of writing his first published book) to the population. Writing Short stories, Novels and Poems is something that Nghetlenge Case Ngobeni was born with. He started writing his own Motivational Books at an early age hoping that one day he will get a chance to publish them and many people would get a chance to read his masterpieces.

This is how his journey started, it is not a surprise because many Motivational Speakers who are making their mark today, only started by experimenting their speeches and touches of their public speaking up until they got it right. The same can be said about Nghetlenge Case Ngobeni, he used the same formula until he managed to identify the slot he was meant to occupy within the South African Communities.

Today he is a published Author of:
1. The heat of your silence

This book is a motivational, inspirational lecture on how to live your life successfully. It was written by an experienced former High School teacher who has inspired many of his students with his messages. It has many parables, stories and examples that will help you in your daily life decisions. The book is doing well in the market considering the fact that it is his first of the many projects to come.

2. Delayed Gratification – Your future is better than your background.

This book provides guidance for your life based on what Case Ngobeni learned from his experience as a student, a Secondary School teacher, a Supervisor-Leader-Governor of schools, a married man, a father and a devout Christian. Case provides many examples and illustrations of the effect of decisions or choices you might make on your journey through life.

Although it is not a Bible, it is a guide book for a happy, successful life. If you listen to his advice and act on it, you can become fulfilled regardless of your background, the level of management you achieve, the financial success you enjoy and the friends you make along your life journey.

Case Ngobeni is a village boy, raised mainly by his mother after his father’s early death. He has achieved great success in his career and married life by following the principles he outlines in the “Delayed Gratification”.

It is evident enough that you don’t have to based in Johannesburg for you to make effective contribution and be approved as someone making a difference in other people’s lives, this can be proven by the passion which Nghetlenge Case Ngobeni posses on his Motivational Speaking abilities. More of his special Motivational words can be heard on Munghana Lonene FM every Monday at 09:50am with the show which was hosted Khensani Nyango since March 2015 and also on educational programs. He is a member of Valoyi Traditional Council (N’wamitwa) and also serve as a Praise Singer for Hosi N’wamitwa II.

Mr NC Ngobeni is thus the perfect candidate to moderate debates, public speaking events, conference discussions or any event that would need such a service to be performed.

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